Push me. take two fingers and press them firmly against my vertebrae until I lean so far forward that I can’t bounce back until I feel the ground disappear from beneath my feet – the wind rippling through my hair serving as a goodbye let me blame you for this amazing feeling F R E […]

milky way

There’s a space between our fingers when we hold hands where time & space freeze. Our bacteria intermingle in a jubilant promenade dancing from one digit to the next, swapping secrets as they go about their most beloved memories & cruelest heartbreaks. There’s a space between our kisses when we come up for air and […]

Old Roan

Words cannot be actions Sorrow is not young People are not puppets Protection is not guns Love is not a light switch Wars are never won And anger is not conquered By cutting out a tongue Hate breeds inhibition Inhibition brings defeat Encouraged inhibition Leads to blood upon the street And fire cannot master What […]


I didn’t think there was a hand in existence with such a soft touch or a mouth that spoke only words of compassionate comprehension. I didn’t know that someone could have eyes that read my soul like a book or a smile that says ‘I’ll always be with you.’ I didn’t understand that there is […]


there’s a spider in my room and i don’t know where it’s at but i know that if i find it i will use a baseball bat   to smash its creepy body into tiny smithereens then cackle as i drown it in a wave of gasoline   and when its legs stop twitching and it’s breathed […]

Dear Loudmouth

Dear Loudmouth Girl, I know that when you were a kid your parents told you to: ‘act like a lady’, chew with your mouth shut, only speak when spoken to, never give an unsolicited opinion. Dear Loudmouth Girl, I know that men shy away from you, try to talk over you, don’t respect you. I know you don’t […]


Blue Like your favorite color Or so I thought Black You said Like your soul But to me Yellow Like the color of the sun Was what described you best You couldn’t see that   So we laughed about black


Those letters on the screen proved what I said But they didn’t acquit me from guilt   I didn’t own a gun I didn’t pull the trigger   Yet here I was Red handed Feeling like I had shot the bullet   The words spilled from my mouth Like a 3 am post-binge vomit   […]


Dammit Why do you think that I Asked for the roll of eyes From the follicles on my head to my pinky toe Like I was putting on a show All I wanted was a drink from the Vending machine Not the soda can in some guy’s Jeans popping its tab Dammit   Dammit Why […]


My heart beats I think there’s a butterfly inside my chest NO A hummingbird Sweat on my forehead A rhythm in my veins I can’t explain But I wait For you to move For my counter action For that sideways smile asking “Is this okay?” And me not talking But nodding I think there’s a […]