I didn’t think there was a hand in existence with such a soft touch or a mouth that spoke only words of compassionate comprehension. I didn’t know that someone could have eyes that read my soul like a book or a smile that says ‘I’ll always be with you.’ I didn’t understand that there is […]


there’s a spider in my room and i don’t know where it’s at but i know that if i find it i will use a baseball bat   to smash its creepy body into tiny smithereens then cackle as i drown it in a wave of gasoline   and when its legs stop twitching and it’s breathed […]

Schindler’s List

Dead Week at the University of Oklahoma brought tears, life realizations but also Holocaust Remembrance Week. I have low key been obsessed with the Holocaust since I was in middle school when I did a report on Hitler’s rise to power. It is always amazing to me how something so atrocious could have openly happened […]

Dear Loudmouth

Dear Loudmouth Girl, I know that when you were a kid your parents told you to: ‘act like a lady’, chew with your mouth shut, only speak when spoken to, never give an unsolicited opinion. Dear Loudmouth Girl, I know that men shy away from you, try to talk over you, don’t respect you. I know you don’t […]